domingo, julio 16, 2006

Rest in peace Crazy Diamond

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett passed away this week (the 7th). Sad news to the rock world. Even when he dropped his career long time ago –back in the in the 70’s-, he’ll always be remembered like one of Pink Floyd’s founders and maybe the one who give its personal trademark, at least at the beginning.

I like very much PF. It’s my favorite band. I’m not a PF expert, though. I like its former sense of experimentation and its later position against the status quo. The way they tried to make something different, unique and meaningful. I'll always respect that.

I have to say I only knew just a few songs from Barrett’s time in PF, mostly “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” (1967). And recently I downloaded “The madcap laughs” (1970) from his solo career. Difficult album, wow.

I know how important he was for PF, however if the group hadn’t remained together and all its members hadn’t been so talented, well, PF would have died soon after Syd left them and we wouldn’t have “The dark side of the moon” (1973), “Wish you were here” (1975) or “The Wall” (1979).

In tribute, I’ve been listening all Pink Floyd’s albums (thanks God, I was hooked with CD until now) and downloaded some others I didn’t know.

May you find in your astronomy domine the peace you didn’t find in this world, Syd.

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