viernes, mayo 19, 2006


It’s been quite a long time since my last post. I know. It was due to my previous post, in fact. Yeah, Chris Daughtry has soaked all my free time. Kind of embarrassing but I couldn’t help it. Every time I was using my PC, I found myself suddenly downloading all his performances, pictures, and interviews. I am even part of American Idol messages board now! I thought it was going to change after Chris got voted off last week (very sad and shocking moment for me and all his fans), but it has remained the same. Worst. At least, I was only looking forward on Wednesdays to download his Tuesdays video performance. Now I’m “hunting” all his TV appearances. Lucky of me is a very useful source of information and files!

Since I can’t stop this obsession for this guy, well, I’ve decided to let it be. I’m a Chris Daughtry fan, so what? I will buy his CD as soon as it is released and I will follow his career as long as it goes. I love his voice, stage presence and hips movements (ejem…).

Anyway, the main reason I’ve returned to my neglected blog is –apart from the fact I’m trying to get back to my normal life- is my father’s blog :) Yeah!!!!! My father has released his own blog, which make me more proud of him. Despite of the fact he has some problems dealing with technology, he has managed all his life to be at the edge of his time: he’s a technology geek or at least he tries to. Blogs are not quite popular in Colombia. And the term has just sprung recently in the media. My father had asked me to teach him how to blog and I was some how reluctant because I am not a good teacher. He’s the master, not me. My mother and my father can prove it. I’m an awful teacher. I have no patience. Sorry mum, sorry dad.

Anyway, I taught him and now he has his own blog, which it’s really worth it to read it. So, with this entry I want to welcome my father to the bloghosphere and whish him the best of the lucks.

Pa’ bienvenido al mundo de los blogs.